COMBILIFT 543, 551, 552

State-of-the-art living combined with space-saving parking: the semi-automatic parking systems of the type Combilift 543, 551 and 552 offer the residents of the housing project in Oslo 100 parking places for their vehicles.

Architect: ARCASA arkitekter AS
Car Park System: WÖHR Combilift for 100 parking places

With the construction of new apartments on the site of a former turbine factory, the city of Oslo is realising one of the largest housing projects in the country – directly in Oslo’s old town, only a few minutes‘ walk from the city centre, where WÖHR Autoparksysteme GmbH has also completed a new car park system. The semi-automatic parking system of the type Combilift 543, 551 and 552 offers the residents of one of the newly built residential buildings, constructed by the AF Group AS, 100 parking places for their vehicles.

The enormous proportion of more than 30% of electric vehicles makes Norway the absolute pioneer where electromobility is concerned. It is therefore not surprising that the design of this project includes 25 of our universal columns to enable the electrically powered vehicles to be charged in the car park.

In terms of operating concept, the client has also chosen our WÖHR Smart Parking App, the most intelligent technology, which was „state-of-the-art“ at the time of its construction and undoubtedly for some time to come, and which facilitates a very convenient use of the parking system with the smartphone.

  • WÖHR Combilift 543, 551, 552
  • Partially arranged in double rows
  • Operation via WÖHR Smart Parking App
  • 25 universal columns for charging in the car park
  • Electric paled gates with aluminum frame
  • vehicle length of 5000 mm
  • Vehicle height 2050 mm
  • Platform bearing capacity 2,600 kg
  • 100 parking places

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