Project: Ahad Ha´am, Tel Aviv. Slimparker 557 with 15 car parking places. Innovative parking system for closely-aligned inner-city or downtown houses and buildings with narrow building area.

Building redevelopment, reconstruction and conversion works are increasingly subject to the request for the provision of additional or ameliorated parking facilities. The capability of simultaneously satisfying both extra parking and extra green-space requests is very much like finding the solution to the complex issue of squaring the circle. Because closely-aligned inner-city or downtown houses and buildings often leave developers only the free strips remaining between the buildings and the property boundaries to work with, an innovative WÖHR Slimparker 557 version has been developed.

This novel parking system offers a successful solution for the provision of parking slots under these intermediate areas which are often narrow but quite long. It is also very often prohibited to build over these areas, therefore the transfer-platform that is required for parking the vehicles in and out is simply lifted and then “invisibly” lowered back down again. The platform-lid can be driven over and can be freely configured and designed into the surroundings with stone or brick flooring and/or tarmac. No ramps and stairways are required, enabling each system to accommodate safe and secure underground parking of up to 23 vehicles, without affecting the green areas above.

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