The WÖHR Bikesafe - the safe and space-saving parking system for bicycles.

To protect your bicycle from theft, a bike lock is not enough. In our particularly comfortable Bikesafe, bicycles are stored safely and space-saving behind locked doors. The tower version of the WÖHR Bikesafe stores more than 120 bicycles on up to eight parking levels. The design of the Bikesafe requires only a very small footprint and is therefore very space-saving. Depending on customer preferences and requirements, we offer the Bikesafe as a shaft version, tower version or mixed version. Common bicycles, including pedelecs and e-bikes, with an overall weight up to 30 kg/66 lbs can be stored in the Bikesafe.


  • Automatic parking system for bicycles
  • Multiple transfer areas possible
  • Enormously fast access times from request to the retrieval of bicycles of an average of approx. 16 seconds
  • Requires a footprint of approx. 38 m²
  • Stores child seats, panniers and bicycle baskets
  • Charging sockets for e-bike batteries available
  • Operation via RFID chip, mobility card, online booking platform
  • XL version for up to 240 bicycles possible
  • height max. 135 cm
  • length min. 130 cm, max. 200 cm
  • width max. 76 cm
  • weight max. 30 kg
  • wheel diameter min. 22″, max. 29″
  • wheel width 22-76 mm

The transfer area is equipped with an operating panel next to the sliding gate. The user enters the tread plate and places the bicycle with both wheels on the wheel-rail. The sliding gate opens a gap wide and the bicycle is pushed through the sliding gate until the wheel stop. The sliding gate then closes and the bicycle is fixed. Afterward, the user leaves the tread plate and confirms the storage by holding the RFID chip to the operating panel. The bicycle is pulled in and stored. At the same time, the laser scanner checks the height, width, and length of the bicycle.

If the bicycle exceeds the specified dimensions, the storage is interrupted and the bicycle is pushed out very slowly. If the dimensions are correct and the bicycle can be stored, the user will see a confirmation on the display of the operating panel. The sliding gate closes automatically and the user leaves the transfer area. Behind the closed sliding gate, the bicycle is stored safe and fast in the Bikesafe.

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