The vertically retractable WÖHR underground waste lift can be sunk underground to floor level, it features variable unit dimensions and offers a variety of different utilisation options. Flexible intermediate levels are also available and the unit's cover lid can be designed and finished off to requirements.

The conversion works performed on a small, former production hall into bright and roomy lofts required the assignment of the waste bins to an appropriate space or privacy screen. The solution opted for here is the WÖHR underground waste lift to accommodate 10 waste bins. The bins are stored underground with no above-ground odor leaks. The lifting/lowering cycle lasts for a maximum of approx. 30/20 seconds for each level. With a 1.5 kWh power consumption (at a price of 0.30 € per kWh), the cost of each lifting/lowering cycle amounts to approx. 0.003 €.


  • The waste bins are sunk underground so that they remain “invisible”. The unit entrance area, the yard as well as the common-use areas are thus not disrupted and can be freely furnished and decorated. The quality of the view and of the living conditions is thus retained if not very much improved.
  • The waste is refrigerated naturally (in the summer months) and simply disappears underground, remaining odorless. Odor formations and decay processes are slowed down. Issues with neighbors or lessees? Those are assigned to the past.
  • The underground waste list also ensures that access remains barrier-free: the waste bins can be lifted up to the required height and conveniently tipped forward for easy disposal of waste and garbage.
  • Access is controlled: the key switch makes it possible for only specific users to be provided with access to the garbage and waste disposal facilities. Access is thus denied to any “transgressors” that are used to discarding or disposing of their waste at the cost of others.
  • When totally retracted, the underground waste lift cover can be driven over with a vehicle weight of 2,600 kg (i.e. with a maximum wheel load of 650 kg).
  • Sustainability: The waste bins are efficiently stacked into the narrowest of spaces. This saves floor space and other resources – the cooling of the waste takes place naturally.

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