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TOTAL Parking Solutions Inc.
Wöhr Representative in West Canada

121A -15th St E North Vancouver BC V7L 4R2

Cell:(604) 600-9082 – Hamid R Mohammadi

Principal Director West Canada

Office: (778) 820-0352
Fax: (778) 382-7726
hamid [at]
info [at]

General enquiries & mailing address

844 844 8401

(Toll free)

858-1489,Marine Drive,West Vancouver, BC, Canada V7T1B8

Service and Maintenance

Uptime industrial
Tel: 778 945 1515
Uptime [at]


Farzad Ashourpour
(778) 674-4043
farzad [at]


Gary Larson
(416) 709-6528
gary [at]


Bijan Moayedi
(416) 749-0999
info [at]

Service & Maintenance

Don Thuillard
D & A Mechanical
Tel: 905 873 8652
Fax: 905 873 9574
25 Armstrong Ave Georgetown, ON L7G 4S1

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