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At Total Parking Solutions Inc., we believe that every property has an untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. We specialize in providing innovative space-saving and motion-driven solutions that allow property owners to maximize the benefits of their investment, and architects to have new tools to meet their clients’ needs. Our systems have moving platforms, compact parking and maneuvering space for cars, bikes, trucks, and even swimming pools! Whether you need to increase parking capacity, maximize storage spaces, optimize limited space, or create custom solutions, we’ve got you covered.

We provide a complete supply and service package from the very beginning to the end; our offer includes primary engineering, production, shipment, customs and handling, installation, and after-sales services. We are the exclusive representative of renowned industry leaders such as Wohr from Germany, Australian Turntable, Ideal Park from Italy, and Aqualift Industries from France.

When over a century of experience combined with creativity and innovation, new architectural design possibilities, profitability and sustainability can be achieved in one shot.

Our Solutions:


Say goodbye to cramped parking spaces and hello to smooth turning with our car turntables!


Whether above or below your car, there is always room to park more cars with our lift systems.


Laterally/longitudinally shifting parking platforms reduce the driving areas in favour of parking areas. 

Combined Motion

A combination of lift-shift to use every bit of space to park your cars. (For more than 4 parking spaces)

Other Solutions

Lift-turn solutions, not for your car, but for your other spatial design-usage needs: rotating rooms, movable pool floor, hidden storage


Car turntables

From Germany and Australia

In all areas where it is only possible to drive forwards or where place for parking manoeuvres is stricted, the vehicle is simply rotated into the required parking position with the car Turntable. Turntable rotation constitutes the ideal solution in the event of narrow and limited parking space entries and exits.

  • The safer and faster way of turning
  • Solutions for projects on a tight budget
  • Maximise space
  • Any project anywhere
  • Easier for your clients
  • Forward entry and exit in less space
  • Different sizes and coverings (metal, concrete, …)

Truck turntables

From Australia

Using turntables onsite enables truck drivers to turn around in the tightest possible spaces, improving safety with reduced reversing manoeuvres. Turntables also increase the number of truck cycles per shift, with less time onsite. These benefits ultimately result in the timely and efficient completion of works while requiring less space, operating more safely and meeting all relevant municipal and contractual requirements.

  • Available at any diameter
  • Optimise your traffic management requirements
  • Maximising profits and project objectives
  • Metal sheet coverings
  • Surface mounted
  • Can be installed on an existing slab



From Germany

A system that really makes the most of it. The principle is extremely simple: One entrance level turns up to three parking levels. Maximised operative and functional safety levels go hand in hand with a range of selectable options. Whether the Parklift is installed in a pit or on the slab, these solutions will reduce the required space for parking and let you use the freed space for other functions such as an extra bedroom, a bigger living room, more landscape, or a golf simulation room.

  • A design option that pays for itself
  • Maximise space
  • Safe underground parking 
  • Variants: number of parkings, size, weight
  • Covering: metal, stone, grass,

Car lifts /Elevators

From Italy

If your garage is located at a different level from the ground level and you have limitations in the design of the ramp/walkway, a car lift is an ideal solution. Car lifts revolutionize the way we use space with original ideas and designs that are different from normal design standards. The field of application ranges from private villas, condominiums, resorts, production plants and car dealerships.

  • A vertical connection: Alternative to ramp
  • Reduced construction time and budget
  • Safe and secure parking access
  • Combined functionality and aesthetics
  • An space saving solution

Moving “hidden“ driveways!

From Italy

Do you need access to two levels but have room for a hallway? Would you prefer to cover the track after each use for safety purposes or in favor of a smooth view? Is the driveway too steep for your sports car? We offer a simple but practical solution: rerouting! The ramp will raise/lower to solve your problem.

  • Hinged motorized platform
  • Hydraulic power supply
  • Customized solution based on project spec
  • Low maintenance
  • Pave it on your choice


Moving Platform 501

From Germany

Laterally shifting parking platforms reduce the driving areas in favour of parking areas. The platform runs on rails in front of conventional parking places in 2 or 3 row arrangements. One empty space per row enables the access to the selected space: up to 100 % more parking places by moving cars closer together with the use of “sliding”. 

  • Independent parking
  • Maximum use of driving lanes
  • Use of space behind columns and in corners
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low noise operation
  • High level of operational and functional safety

Moving Platform 503

From Germany

Longitudinally shifting platforms create additional parking space in driving lanes. The platforms run on rails crosswise in front of the conventional places and offer independent use of all spaces. Occupied platforms are simply moved aside at the operation panel, empty ones can easily be driven over.

  • Up to 30 % more parking places
  • SIngle platform for one car
  • Optional tandem platform for 2 cars behind each other
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low noise operation
  • Independent parking
  • High level of operational and functional safety

Combined Motion


From Germany

The Combilift systems are innovative semi-automated modular parking systems that can store vehicles on up to three levels and in up to four rows one behind the other. The Combilift system maximizes available parking space and streamlines the parking process. Moreover, the smaller size of the building reduces the need for building materials and the amount of construction waste. It also requires less earthwork and excavation, less shoring and construction time, and less downtime. 

  • Variable width, height, load
  • Variants: 2 to 10 grid modules side by side
  • High user-friendliness and parking comfort
  • Independent parking on 3 levels above each other
  • Space selection via a central control element


From Germany

A revolutionary parking room concept: The system is one of the most versatile and variable parking room solutions in the world and thus offers developers the opportunity to conserve land to the maximum. The Combiparker provides up to 5 parking levels which can be designed with complete flexibility with 4 levels up or 4 levels down from the entrance level. All parking spaces can be equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles.

  • Two movement axes (horizontal and vertical)
  • 3 to 5 levels one above the other
  • Options of vehicle size and weight
  • 2 to a maximum of 10 grids side by side
  • Automatic sliding door for every grid
  • Operation: RFID, FOB, the smart-parking-app


From Germany

Of course everything is relative – but when a really large number of parking places is involved, selection of a system from this range is recommended. Here, storage and retrieval units or shuttles move vehicles along all three motion axes. The various versions thus cater to a wide range of different requirements, the purpose of which is always to gain the maximum amount of space in order to be able to accommodate yet bigger amounts of vehicles, via the lateral and vertical stacking of said vehicles to form a parking rack.

  • Minimized cost: excavation, shoring, waste
  • Automatic system, 10 to more than 100 cars
  • Variable system length available
  • Well adaptable to individual project requirements
  • Integrated Turntable option available
  • Very fast access time
  • Following the idea of “Green-Parking”


From Germany

A reply to the question »To park or to have it parked for you?« is very easy to give when it is a matter of comfort and additional safety. Without having to drive up narrow ramps or to stumble in dark stairways, the cars are simply parked into rows. And when the going gets narrow, again the solution is: compact parking space.

  • Full automatic for 10 to 50 cars
  • 2 to 5 levels, no need for ramps/driving lanes
  • For small footprint area
  • Integrated turntable option
  • Variation options for individual project requirements


From Germany

When there is more space in length than in width, the Slimparker 557 shows off its merits. This slim system merely requires an installation width of 2.60 metres in narrow broad strips between buildings. The Crossparker 558 offers an extension to the Slimparker 557 as far as width is concerned.

  • For various car heights and lengths
  • Semi-automatic system for up to 22 cars
  • Very small floor plan area, very slim construction
  • Installation width at the entrance area only 8’ 6”
  • No space-intensive ramps or driveways
  • Designed for the area between the set-back line and building
  • Can be driven over when entrance is lowered
  • 2- up to 4-row arrangement behind each other

Other Solutions

Movable pool floor

From France

The vertical movable floor, a technology that can be used and adapted for the most luxurious projects, rising to the most ambitious technical and aesthetic design challenges. When it is party time or kids want to play, just by pushing a button, the movable floor comes up and covers the swimming pool. This technology actually goes further than that: it can be used for spas and therapy pools to treat people with reduced mobility.

  • Suitable for every pool size/shape
  • Wide range of facing materials and colours
  • Disappearing steps
  • Minimized cost of heating and cleaning
  • Creates a current to  swim against
  • Hydrotherapy spa pool
  • Musical massage system

Moving “hidden“ storage!

From Italy

Waste collection islands are places equipped to properly dispose of waste and recover materials. The solution allows for significant savings in surface space, as bins will lowered by hydraulic system and stored underground. This solution also can be used as a underground hidden storage or even a motorcycle/bike garage.

  • Transforming inefficient spaces into useful spaces
  • Hiding messy and unattractive spaces
  • Optional waste inlet on the ground 
  • Automated hyrdraulic power supply
  • Optional access conrtol system

Rotating Spaces!

From Australia

Revolving platforms for commercial or residential developments attract plenty of attention and new customers; this alone is a major advantage for your prospective clients. The revolving space can be a bar, restaurant, photo booth, or a room in the house with a 360° view. These solutions provide an attractive return on investment and increase revenue throughout the lifetime of a building.

  • Unique solutions for unique projects!


From Germany

To protect your bicycle from theft, a bike lock is not enough. In our particularly comfortable Bikesafe, bicycles are stored safely and space-saving behind locked doors. The tower version of the WÖHR Bikesafe stores more than 120 bicycles on up to 8 parking levels. The design of the Bikesafe requires only a very small footprint and is therefore very space-saving. Depending on customer preferences and requirements, we offer the Bikesafe as a shaft version, tower version or mixed version.

  • Fast access times, average: 16 seconds
  • Requires a footprint of approx.  540 ft²
  • Stores child seats, panniers and bicycle baskets
  • Charging sockets for e-bike available
  • Operation via RFID chip, mobility card, online platform
  • Individual facade design options

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